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Video Guide to British Birds iPod Classic Edition

BirdGuides Ltd

The first in an exciting series of birdPod products from BirdGuides.

Now you can watch birds on your iPod – watch videos and listen to songs and calls of all the regular British species, even in the field.

This software can be loaded onto your iPod to allow you to play the Video Guide to British Birds on your iPod (if you have an iPod that can play videos). Once loaded, you can use your iPod to view videos and listen to sound recordings and commentaries covering 260 species of British Birds – that's all except the rare vagrants. This will play on iPod Video, iPod Classic and the new iPod nano. We recommend at least 3 GB of free space.

Now available from the Birdwatch Bookshop - order here

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Video Guide to British Birds iPod Classic Edition DRBPOD Price: £29.95 inc VAT
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35 Comments on Video Guide to British Birds iPod Classic Edition

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  • #1
    Hi David - our iDentify range is perfect for you.

    Comment By Fiona Barclay - Tue 4 May 2010 @ 2:06PM
  • #2
    I am looking for something to assist me identify birdsong /calls when out birdwatching. I am not too bothered about actual bird descriptions such as video etc. I have an ipod nano - what doyou recommend?

    Comment By DAVID KING - Tue 4 May 2010 @ 10:26AM
  • #3
    UPDATE: Clever Andrew Crystal has managed to get the iPod guide to work on his Nokia. See here for instructions. I'm about to try it on my N95 and shall post a further comment if it works.

    Comment By Fiona Barclay - Thu 3 Jul 2008 @ 11:57AM
  • #4
    Dear Martin, iDentify is completely focussed on bird song and calls. The DVD version, whilst it covers the calls, is much more focused on how the bird looks (plumages, behaviour etc), and doesn't cover the calls in-depth.

    Comment By Fiona Barclay - Thu 5 Jun 2008 @ 8:44AM
  • #5
    I’m deciding which to buy, the DVD or IDentify. You sell them as a pack. Does not the DVD do everything that the iDentify does (plus videos and 260 versus 250 species) , therefore why would you need to buy both if you just get the DVD?

    Comment By Martin - Thu 5 Jun 2008 @ 8:13AM
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