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South Stack RSPB
South Stack RSPB South Stack RSPB, May 2005. © Richard Chew
More site photos from Anglesey More site photos from Anglesey

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11:33 01/06/17
22:51 28/05/17

10 reports returned.

View more sightings from Anglesey View more sightings from Anglesey

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County Recorder
David Wright

County Recorder (Caernarfon)
 John Barnes, Fach Goch, Waunfawr, Caernarfon, Gwynedd LL55 4YS
 01286 650362

County Recorder (Meirionnydd)
 D L Smith, 3 Smithfield Lane, Dolgellau, Gwynedd LL40 1BU
 01341 421064

Cymdeithas Adarydda Cambria - Cambrian Ornithological Society

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Mon 07/04/08
British Birds: Black Lark: New to Britain
British Birds Black Lark: New to Britain
A salutory lesson on why note-taking is important, and an insight into the work of the BBRC.  read on read on
Mon 06/10/03 Webzine subscribers only
The Isle of Anglesey
The Isle of Anglesey
The bird life is rich and varied, and the island is well worth a visit any time of year as Steve Portugal explains.  log in log in
Mon 12/08/02
BOURC: Gray Catbird added to Category A of the British List
BOURC Gray Catbird added to Category A of the British List
The British Ornithologists' Union Records Committee (BOURC) has added Gray Catbird (Dumetella carolinensis) to Category A of the British List following the acceptance of a bird seen at South Stack, Holy Island, Anglesey on 4th-5th October 2001.  read on read on

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Anglesey includes sites that are among the best in the country for the following species:

Pale-bellied Brent Goose
Whooper Swan
Slavonian Grebe
Black Guillemot

Bird News Extra subscribers can log in to see a list of sites where these species may be found, with comments on their likelihood and the best areas to look.

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Click on a site name for more details of the site (Bird News Extra subscribers only), on a Grid reference for a map, on the picture thumbnail for images of the site (or on upload to share your own images), on "link" for a listing from BirdTrack, and on Add/Update to submit your own site details.

Grid references are generic references for the named sites and indicate the general area, not the exact location of any particular bird. No right of access should be inferred from the inclusion of these grid references.

SiteGRPicturesBirdTrackAdd/update details
Aberffraw Aberffraw ··SH3569 SH3569 Site picture link link update update
Abermenai Point Abermenai Point ··SH4461 SH4461 Site picture link link update update
Alaw Estuary Alaw Estuary ··SH3081 SH3081 Site picture link link update update
Amlwch Amlwch ··SH4492 SH4492 Site picture link link update update
Anglesey pelagic Anglesey pelagic   upload upload   add add
Beaumaris Beaumaris ··SH6076 SH6076 Site picture link link update update
Benllech Benllech ··SH5282 SH5282 Site picture link link update update
Bodorgan Bodorgan ··SH3867 SH3867 Site picture link link update update
Braint Estuary Braint Estuary ··SH4463 SH4463 upload upload link link update update
Breakwater CP Breakwater CP ··SH2283 SH2283 Site picture link link update update
Brynsciencyn Brynsciencyn ·SH4867 SH4867 upload upload link link add add
Brynteg Brynteg ·SH4982 SH4982 upload upload link link add add
Bull Bay Bull Bay ··SH4294 SH4294 Site picture link link update update
Capel Gwyn Capel Gwyn ·SH3475 SH3475 upload upload link link add add
Carmel Head Carmel Head ··SH2992 SH2992 Site picture (2 pictures) link link update update
Cefni Estuary Cefni Estuary ·SH3966 SH3966 upload upload link link add add
Cefni Reservoir Cefni Reservoir ··SH4477 SH4477 upload upload link link update update
Cemaes Bay Cemaes Bay ··SH3694 SH3694 Site picture link link update update
Cemlyn Bay Cemlyn Bay ··SH3393 SH3393 Site picture (3 pictures) link link update update
Cerrigceinwen Cerrigceinwen ·SH4273 SH4273 upload upload link link add add
Cerrig-man Cerrig-man ·SH4591 SH4591 upload upload link link add add
Church Bay Church Bay ··SH2989 SH2989 Site picture (2 pictures) link link update update
Cors Bodeilio NNR Cors Bodeilio NNR ·SH5077 SH5077 upload upload link link add add
Cors Erddreiniog NNR Cors Erddreiniog NNR ··SH4780 SH4780 upload upload link link update update
Dulas Bay Dulas Bay ·SH4989 SH4989 Site picture link link add add
Dwyran Dwyran ··SH4465 SH4465 Site picture link link update update
Fedw Fawr Fedw Fawr ··SH6081 SH6081 upload upload link link update update
Gwalchmai Gwalchmai ·SH3876 SH3876 upload upload link link add add
Holyhead Holyhead ··SH2482 SH2482 Site picture (2 pictures) link link update update
Holyhead-Dublin Ferry Holyhead-Dublin Ferry ··SH0085 SH0085 Site picture link link update update
Inland Sea Inland Sea ·SH2779 SH2779 upload upload link link add add
Llanbadrig Llanbadrig ·SH3794 SH3794 upload upload link link add add
Llanddeusant Llanddeusant ·SH3485 SH3485 upload upload link link add add
Llanddona Llanddona ·SH5779 SH5779 upload upload link link add add
Llanddwyn Island Llanddwyn Island ··SH3862 SH3862 Site picture link link update update
Llanfachraeth Llanfachraeth ·SH3182 SH3182 upload upload link link add add
LLanfaelog LLanfaelog ·SH3373 SH3373 upload upload link link add add
Llanfaethlu Llanfaethlu ·SH3186 SH3186 upload upload link link add add
Llanfairpwll Llanfairpwll ·SH5271 SH5271 upload upload link link add add
Llanfairyneubwll Llanfairyneubwll ·SH2976 SH2976 upload upload link link add add
Llanfairynghornwy Llanfairynghornwy ·SH3290 SH3290 upload upload link link add add
Llangaffo Llangaffo ·SH4468 SH4468 upload upload link link add add
Llangefni Llangefni ·SH4675 SH4675 upload upload link link add add
Llangoed Llangoed ·SH6079 SH6079 upload upload link link add add
Llangristiolus Llangristiolus ·SH4373 SH4373 upload upload link link add add
Llansadwrn Llansadwrn ·SH5676 SH5676 upload upload link link add add
Llanynghenedl Llanynghenedl ·SH3181 SH3181 upload upload link link add add
Lleiniog Lleiniog ··SH6279 SH6279 Site picture link link update update
Lligwy Bay Lligwy Bay ·SH4987 SH4987 Site picture link link add add
Llyn Alaw Llyn Alaw ··SH3886 SH3886 upload upload link link update update
Llyn Cerrig-bach Llyn Cerrig-bach ·SH3076 SH3076 upload upload link link add add
Llyn Coron Llyn Coron ··SH3770 SH3770 Site picture link link update update
Llyn Llywenan Llyn Llywenan ·SH3481 SH3481 upload upload link link add add
Llyn Maelog Llyn Maelog ·SH3273 SH3273 upload upload link link add add
Llyn Padrig Llyn Padrig ·SH3672 SH3672 upload upload link link add add
Llyn Rhos-ddu Llyn Rhos-ddu ·SH4264 SH4264 upload upload link link add add
Malltraeth Malltraeth ··SH4068 SH4068 Site picture link link update update
Malltraeth Marsh RSPB Malltraeth Marsh RSPB ··SH4571 SH4571 Site picture link link update update
Mariandyrys Mariandyrys ·SH6081 SH6081 upload upload link link add add
Menai Bridge Menai Bridge ··SH5572 SH5572 Site picture link link update update
Menai Strait Menai Strait ··SH5471 SH5471 Site picture link link update update
Moelfre Moelfre ··SH5186 SH5186 Site picture link link update update
Mona Airfield Mona Airfield ·SH4176 SH4176 upload upload link link add add
Mynachdy Mynachdy ··SH3092 SH3092 Site picture link link update update
Mynydd Bodafon Mynydd Bodafon ·SH4685 SH4685 upload upload link link add add
Mynydd Mechell Mynydd Mechell ·SH3589 SH3589 upload upload link link add add
Nebo Nebo ·SH4690 SH4690 upload upload link link add add
Newborough Forest Newborough Forest ··SH4064 SH4064 Site picture link link update update
Newborough Warren NNR Newborough Warren NNR ··SH4263 SH4263 Site picture link link update update
North Stack North Stack ··SH2184 SH2184 Site picture link link update update
Parys Mountain Parys Mountain ··SH4490 SH4490 Site picture link link update update
Penmon Point Penmon Point ··SH6381 SH6381 Site picture link link update update
Penmynydd Penmynydd ·SH5074 SH5074 upload upload link link add add
Penrhos Coastal Park Penrhos Coastal Park ··SH2781 SH2781 Site picture link link update update
Pentraeth Pentraeth ··SH5278 SH5278 Site picture link link update update
Penysarn Penysarn ·SH4690 SH4690 upload upload link link add add
Point Lynas Point Lynas ··SH4893 SH4893 Site picture link link update update
Porth Dafarch Porth Dafarch ·SH2379 SH2379 upload upload link link add add
Porth Eilian Porth Eilian ··SH4793 SH4793 Site picture link link update update
Puffin Island Puffin Island ··SH6582 SH6582 Site picture link link update update
Red Wharf Bay Red Wharf Bay ··SH5381 SH5381 Site picture (2 pictures) link link update update
Rhoscolyn Rhoscolyn ·SH2675 SH2675 upload upload link link add add
Rhosneigr Rhosneigr ·SH3173 SH3173 upload upload link link add add
Rhydwyn Rhydwyn ·SH3188 SH3188 upload upload link link add add
Silver Bay Silver Bay ·SH2975 SH2975 upload upload link link add add
Soldiers' Point Soldiers' Point ··SH2383 SH2383 Site picture link link update update
South Stack RSPB South Stack RSPB ··SH2082 SH2082 Site picture (6 pictures) link link update update
Talwrn Talwrn ·SH4876 SH4876 upload upload link link add add
The Range RSPB The Range RSPB ··SH2179 SH2179 upload upload link link update update
The Skerries The Skerries ··SH2694 SH2694 Site picture (2 pictures) link link update update
Trearddur Bay Trearddur Bay ··SH2578 SH2578 Site picture link link update update
Tregele Tregele ·SH3592 SH3592 upload upload link link add add
Trwyn y Penrhyn Trwyn y Penrhyn ··SH6379 SH6379 Site picture link link update update
undisclosed site undisclosed site   upload upload   add add
Valley Valley ·SH2979 SH2979 upload upload link link add add
Valley Lakes RSPB Valley Lakes RSPB ·SH3177 SH3177 upload upload link link add add
Wylfa Head Wylfa Head ··SH3594 SH3594 Site picture (2 pictures) link link update update

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