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Monday 27th February 2017

British Barn Owls struggle to adapt to modern life
A nest site survey indicates the factors that wiped out 70 per cent of Barn Owls in the 20th Century still impact the species today. Link read on
Focus On Smew: of white nuns and redheads
David Campbell takes a look at the enthralling history of Smew, one of the world's most beautiful ducks, in Britain. Link read on
Internationally important numbers of Sociable Lapwings found in Pakistan
Satellite-tagging has enabled researchers to discover potentially important wintering grounds for the Critically Endangered Sociable Lapwing. Link read on
This week at a glance...
Latest rarities
27/02 19:41 Pallid Harrier Norfolk
27/02 17:16 Bonaparte's Gull Clyde
27/02 17:16 Blue Rock Thrush Glos
27/02 17:15 Northern Harrier Orkney
27/02 13:31 Hudsonian Whimbrel Cornwall
27/02 12:29 Pine Bunting N Yorks
26/02 17:48 Eastern Black Redstart Cleveland
26/02 15:50 King Eider Kerry
26/02 11:52 Pallid Harrier E Yorks
26/02 11:24 Desert Wheatear Devon
Latest sightings Latest sightings
Latest Weekly Newsletter
Wednesday 22nd February 2017 Wednesday 22nd February 2017
Photo of the Week Rosette
Photo of the WeekLink Great Crested Grebe
Link Argal Reservoir, Cornwall
Peter Menear, 18/02/17
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Link Latest pictures
Bird of the Week
Link Pacific Diver at Slapton (Devon)
Featured Site
Link St. Agnes, Isles of Scilly
ThumbnailReview of the Week
15–21 February
A mild week produced a new Pacific Diver while the Bluethroat continued to draw large crowds.
Link read on
ThumbnailFeatured Tours
In partnership with Birdwatch magazine and specialist tour operators, we offer an exclusive programme of birding holidays.
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Recent articles...
A program to protect Asia's songbirds
ThumbnailExperts from wildlife conservation and research organisations have devised a comprehensive strategy to protect Asia's songbirds from the impacts of excessive trapping for the cage bird trade. Link read on
Twelve-year action plan to save vultures
ThumbnailSome 43 experts from 22 countries have met in Toledo, Spain, to draw up a strategy to save the world's heavily threatened vulture species. Link read on
Review Carmarthenshire Birds 2015
ThumbnailSteve Holliday takes a look at a high-quality offering from Carmarthenshire Bird Club. Link read on
More articles...
Link House of Lords report highlights environmental impact of Brexit
Link Research Climate change could deliver final blow for threatened species
Link Research Monitoring birds by drone
Link EBBA2 — help required to fill data gaps
Link Butterfly Conservation Urban butterflies in sharp decline

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