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Wednesday 26th April 2017

Tue 25/04/17  New content  
Nick Moran
Rarity finders American Herring Gull in Suffolk
Pete Wilson's diversion via a local Suffolk pig farm paid off when a rare Nearctic gull emerged from the throng.  read on read on
Mon 24/04/17  New content  
Rarity finders: Hermit Thrush on Noss
Rarity finders Hermit Thrush on Noss
Craig Nisbet, Reserve Warden at Scottish Natural Heritage, clapped his hands in a Shetland island geo and flushed a mega Yank thrush, which fortunately stayed for others to see.  read on read on
Thu 13/04/17
Rarity finders: Common Rock Thrush on Scilly
Rarity finders Common Rock Thrush on Scilly
Ansy Boothroyd was teaching her husband some bird identification tips when he noticed a gaudy but unusual bird perched on a wall.  read on read on
Wed 22/03/17
Rarity finders: Baillon's Crake in Cornwall
Rarity finders Baillon's Crake in Cornwall
One of the only birds Alice Davey saw during a morning at a west Cornwall beach proved to be a mega-rare crake.  read on read on
Mon 13/03/17
Rarity finders: Glaucous-winged Gull on Fair Isle
Rarity finders Glaucous-winged Gull on Fair Isle
A striking Larus found by Fair Isle warden David Parnaby turned out to be Britain's third Glaucous-winged Gull.  read on read on
Fri 10/02/17
Rarity finders: Royal Tern on Guernsey
Rarity finders Royal Tern on Guernsey
The sight of a fly-by orange-billed tern left Jamie Hooper stunned — but fortunately the bird stuck around and its identification was resolved.  read on read on
Tue 31/01/17
Rarity finders: White-billed Diver in Lincolnshire
Rarity finders White-billed Diver in Lincolnshire
Lightning struck twice spectacularly as a stretch of the River Witham revealed its second White-billed Diver to David Curtis, 21 years after the first.  read on read on
Sun 29/01/17
Rarity finders: Pacific Diver in Northumberland
Rarity finders Pacific Diver in Northumberland
Alan Curry details the circumstances surrounding the discovery and identification of what proved to be Northumberland's first Pacific Diver.  read on read on
Mon 09/01/17
Rarity finders: Pine Bunting in Shropshire
Rarity finders Pine Bunting in Shropshire
Simon Davies braved the rain on New Year's Day to find a Shropshire first.  read on read on
Mon 09/01/17
Rarity finders: Blue Rock Thrush in Gloucestershire
Rarity finders Blue Rock Thrush in Gloucestershire
Bridget Jennings had noticed the unusual thrush-like bird in her garden for some time, but it took her internet-savvy son to figure out what it was.  read on read on
Sat 17/12/16
Rarity finders: Harlequin Duck in Co Cork
Rarity finders Harlequin Duck in Co Cork
Mark Stanley's ferry crossing to the hot-spot of Cape Clear was enlivened by a mystery sighting that proved to be a potential Irish first.  read on read on
Wed 14/12/16
Rarity finders: Dusky Thrush in Derbyshire
Rarity finders Dusky Thrush in Derbyshire
Rachel Jones thought birders were winding her up when she attempted to get an unusual thrush identified online — but it really was a genuine rarity.  read on read on
Wed 09/11/16
Rarity finders: Cliff Swallow in Suffolk
Rarity finders Cliff Swallow in Suffolk
The diligence of Steve Piotrowski and Eric Patrick in troubling to count late swallows at Minsmere paid off in style.  read on read on
Tue 08/11/16
Rarity finders: Eyebrowed Thrush in Northumberland
Rarity finders Eyebrowed Thrush in Northumberland
Ross Moore's casual dog-walk in a country park produced an astonishing find among the local Robins.  read on read on
Sat 05/11/16
Rarity finders: Dusky Thrush on Scilly
Rarity finders Dusky Thrush on Scilly
Mark Telfer lost his mega rare thrush almost as soon as he'd found it, but clinching images remained on his trusty superzoom.  read on read on
Mon 03/10/16
Rarity finders: Eastern Kingbird on the Outer Hebrides
Rarity finders Eastern Kingbird on the Outer Hebrides
Sussex birder Clive Saunders regularly visits remote Barra to search for rarities, but this time his perseverance truly paid off with a first for Britain.  read on read on
Fri 30/09/16
Rarity finders: On the Traill of the unexpected
Rarity finders On the Traill of the unexpected
Tor Olsen scored heavily on the Norwegian island of Kvitsøy when he came across the country's first Empidonax flycatcher.  read on read on
Sat 27/08/16
Rarity finders: Royal Tern in Co Mayo
Rarity finders Royal Tern in Co Mayo
Séamus Feeney's search for rare American waders paid off with something even more special, and Davey Farrar was in the right place at the right time to relocate the bird further south.  read on read on
Mon 08/08/16
Rarity finders: Western Swamphen at Minsmere
Rarity finders Western Swamphen at Minsmere
A trip to Suffolk to see Honey Buzzard really paid off for Frank Clark when he discovered a potential first for Britain.  read on read on
Tue 26/07/16
Rarity finders: Western Sandpiper at Tacumshin
Rarity finders Western Sandpiper at Tacumshin
Paul Kelly discovered Ireland's fifth Western Sandpiper as part of an astonishing run of quality shorebirds at Co Wexford's birding hot-spot.  read on read on

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